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Catalyst 23 Conference

Full Schedule
Sept. 6th - Sandy Expo Center

9:00 AM - Keynote 1

Radical Innovation in Retail Industry – How to Create a Sustainable Advantage.

Dr. Sunnie Giles, Quantum Leadership Group & Volcanic Retail

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Volcanic Retail

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9:30 AM - Keynote 2

Mental Health & Leadership

Patrick Williams, Patrick Williams Media
Jenny Wecker, Fawn Design
John Moore, Heare Brotherhood

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10:00 AM - Track A

Creative That Makes Your ROAS Roar

Damian Dayton, Creatably
Jay Davis, Pillowcube
Colby Bauer, Thread
Logan England, Hyperbloom
Braden Simmons, Mpire
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Colby Bauer.jpeg
Braden Headshot.jpg

10:00 AM - Track B

Operations that Can Manage Scale

David Oldham, OCO
Mitch Sanders, Thread
Daylen Bushman, Gozney
Michael Eraso, Gathre

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11:00 AM - Track A

How to Drive Success on Amazon

Ryan Forsythe, Pitted Labs
Mike Steele, Pupford
Scott Needham, Smartscout

Session Sponsor:
Pitted Labs

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11:00 AM - Track B

Loyalty Agility: The Key to Locking in Customers for the Long Haul 

Dan Cestone, Yotpo
Dallas Parson, Mixhers
Al Salomon, DIME Beauty

Session Sponsor:

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11:00 AM - Track C

Mastering Overseas Manufacturing

Jason Klug, Klugonyx
Matt Smart, Asher Golf
Jen Clyde, ForeAll

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11:40 AM - Track A

Crafting Powerful Pre- and Post-Purchase Experiences

Tyler Babb, LABL
George Davis, Cozy Earth
Brian Nielson, Chirp
Melissa Sevy, Ethik


Session Sponsor:

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11:40 AM - Track B

AI for Website Content: Good or Bad Idea?

Meagen Johnson, KUT Group
Jacob Andra, CustomerFaucet
Ryan Skidmore, PURA
RaShea Drake, Journey
Meagen Johnson by Emily London Portraits-05-No Logo Web Version.jpg
Jacob headshot 5-18-23.jpg
RaShea Drake.jpg

11:40 AM - Track C

Choosing the Right Inventory Software and Processes for Scale

Jared Ward, Luminous
Brittany Brown, LedgerGurus
John Bottoms, LedgerGurus

Session Sponsor:

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Don't Miss Out

Learn from some of Utah's best in ecommerce.

Connect with your peers.

1:30 PM - Track A

Brand Building: A-Z

Nick Stagge, Grounded Company
KaraLynne Call, Just Ingredients
Manny Carreon, SkullCandy
Susan Peterson, Freshly Picked

Session Sponsor:
Grounded Company

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Susan Peterson.png

1:30 PM - Track B

Mastering Multichannel

Jordan Heir, Lakanto
Jason Alleger, Enso Rings
Liz Findlay, Albion Fit
Jon Jessup, 1440

Session Sponsor:

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1:30 PM - Track C

Product Pages that Convert

Sanjay Jenkins, Replo
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2:10 PM - Track A

Creative Revenue Streams in Ecom

Creighton Green, Audience
Connor O'Neill, Toolbox Brands
Van Oakes, Goat4Media

Session Sponsor:

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Connor Oneill Headshot.heic
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2:10 PM - Track B

Effective Email + SMS Leveraging Intent

Jimmy Kim, Sendlane

Session Sponsor:

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2:10 PM - Track C

Mastering Social

London Lazerson, Laz Clan
London Lazerson.jpg

2:50 PM - Track A

Revelations in Retention

Eli Adams, Digital Exp. Academy
Gina Perrelli, Stay AI + Lunar Solar
Cait Probst, Zhou Nutrition

Session Sponsor:

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CaitlinProbstHeadshot (2).jpg

2:50 PM - Track B

How to Win with Creators & Affiliates

Tryg Jensen, Current at Pattern
Tryg Jensen.jpg

2:50 PM - Track C

Sustainable Package Design

Adam Peek, Meyers
Adam Peek.jpeg

3:30 PM - Track A

The Customer Whisperer

Trevor Crump, Bestie
Jess Toolson, Mixhers
Wes Clark, Kizik

Session Sponsor:

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Jess Toolson.jpg

3:30 PM - Track C

Creating Unique Products

Scott Porter, San Diablo Churros
Ben Perkins, &Collar
Isaac Childs, Rustico
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Scott Porter Purple polo arms.jpg
Ben Perkins.png
Isaac Headshot.png

Final Keynote

Navigating the Ecom Landscape

Matt Holman, Commerce Catalyst
Alex McArthur, Kizik
Blake Brown, Kizik
Brett Swensen, Kizik
Matt profile pic headshot.png
Alex McArthur.jpeg

Don't Miss Out

Learn from some of Utah's best in ecommerce.

Connect with your peers.

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